At Orijin Tea and Co, we incorporate our rich herbal knowledge and natural living lifestyle into every tea we offer. Our mission is to offer products that will be beneficial, and only use ingredients that can be traced from source and proven to promote the health of the consumer. Our inspiration comes from Nature, which holds powerful secrets. Delicate herbs and botanicals whisper the secrets to longevity and perfect health. 


Our teas and herbal blends contain the purest and most beneficial parts of the nourishing and healing botanical, to maximize effectiveness and strength. Over the years we have developed a reliable relationship with dedicated organic growers, and ethical wild crafters throughout the United States. They are known for their uncompromising committee to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on pure aesthetics and freshness. All teas are sold in loose leaf form; as we strongly believe in the advantages of using loose leaf tea.


Calm your senses and your home with our 100% naturally derived soy wax candles, mingled with skin loving butters, plant oils, pure steam distilled organic essential oils and phthalate-free scents. At Orijin Tea and Co, we also acknowledge that what goes on the body, is just as important as what goes in the body. When blending our teas or pouring our Eco-friendly Soy Moisturizing candles, we always take the health of the consumer and the environment into serious consideration.


At Orijin Tea and Co, we are strong believers in fair trade. Myself and our dedicated organic growers and ethical wild crafters, have a strict policy in place that guarantees workers a fair market value for the goods they produce. Choosing fair-trade and organic, not only preserves our earth’s resources, but ensures that what is going into our bodies is 100% natural, made the way nature intended. 

Diane Hopkins

Orijin Tea & Co. Founder